No Camera Flash Photos (available light only)

My shooting style is NO FLASH- typically I use only available light. Why? So I can capture the evening/reception as is. That’s how I’d want you to remember your wedding day. This shooting style also allows me to be as inconspicuous as possible- to capture raw and candid emotions.  The constant fire of flash after flash at night can be distracting- but that’s just me:) I tell all my clients that typically I don’t use flash- unless they want me to, or if it is a MUST- like when the overhead lights are dimmed to almost nothing.

Here are sample photos of evening receptions without the use of flash on my part.

AJ01 AJ02 AJ03 AJ04 AJ05 AJ06 AJ07 AJ08 AJ09 AJ011 AJ012 AJ013

MS01 MS02
MS05 MS09 MS08 MS06 MS07 MS010 MS011 MS012 MS015 MS014